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Still have questions? Ask our resident Charter expert, Sylvia Kurinsky. She’ll be happy to answer them and guide you to the right resources.

Meet Sylvia

Sylvia Kurinsky comes with 15 years of experience working with 
 thousands of seniors and their families. She began her career in 
 Seattle working in Independent and Assisted Living communities, 
 and then became a Senior Living Specialist and consultant for 
 several senior housing companies. Sylvia is a Certified Dementia 
 Care Practitioner, equipped with the skills and education to 
better serve families and residents facing memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Sylvia understands that every senior’s situation is unique and works collaboratively with families while they navigate options for their loved one. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge, experience and empathy to make a difference in the lives of those she works with. Her superpower? Acknowledging the uncertainty and trepidation in transitioning to a senior living community, the courage it takes to do so, and the ability to empower seniors and their families to make the best decisions.

Sylvia’s Specialties: 

  • Gaining a deep understanding of what seniors and their families want and need
  • Discussing senior living options thoroughly and honestly
  • Developing specialized strategies for the senior who refuses to move no matter how unsafe their home environment has become
  • Helping adult children help their parents 
  • Working with complicated family dynamics to ease difficult conversations
Sylvia’s Helpful Resources
Become better versed in senior living. Check out a list of Sylvia’s most trusted Charter resources, below.
Check out a list of some of Sylvia’s trusted resources below. She’ll then be able to guide you to additional resources as she learns more about your needs.

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“Our world was forever changed when our mother was diagnosed with dementia. When we met Sylvia, we were desperately seeking Memory Care support. Needless to say, we’re lucky to have met her. She guided us through the entire process of applying for care and finding a suitable, comfortable room for our mother to live. Sylvia’s attentiveness, responsiveness, empathy, kindness and endless support, even after our mother passed, have left us with a lasting impression. We recommend Sylvia as your expert senior living consultant, without hesitation.”

– Adult Child of Resident